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If you had the opportunity to boost a kids self-esteem, confidence, and help them succeed in school, would you?

Our goal for 2015 is to improve our learning center and utilize it in our program more. With your donation you can help improve a child’s academic life as well as their athletic life. Your donation will go towards having more clinics and utilizing the learning center more.

In 2014, Kids Steps to Success conducted hitting and fitness clinics that have helped over 150 kids to take the next step in school and life. These kids would not have the financial opportunity to do this without the generosity of our sponsors. With your contribution, you too can help kids attain their goals.

Kids Steps to Success has a way to inspire and motivate kids to excel in all phases of school. Through our Kids Steps to Success we have developed a program to help kids acquire the esteem and focus necessary to succeed in school. Sports have long been an avenue that kids have used to navigate their way through the challenging teenage years. With proper training and a consistent commitment to our program, we have found that a kid’s chances to succeed and prosper are greatly increased. We have numerous accounts of kids who have taken that success and turned it into college opportunities. The impact on our community is immeasurable. With your donation, we can make this happen again and again.

This program targets kids that currently are economically challenged. Meaning, kids that have little-to-no chance of ever playing baseball or softball in high school, due to their lack of access to proper instruction and training in the pre-high school years. In our experience, we have come into contact with many kids who lack the opportunity but have the desire and talent to achieve success in playing high school sports. The program we have developed will level the playing field by providing access and opportunity, which in turn will build the confidence and self-esteem of these youngsters, and the belief that they too can go to college and succeed in life.

Although we have had many successes and have been a positive force in our community, funding has become an issue. We feel with adequate funding we would be able to continue and expand upon our many successes. That is why we are reaching out now and asking for your help. Through funding and sponsorships we will be able to provide opportunities to many more youngsters who otherwise might not be able to achieve their goal of participating in a team sport at the high school level.


Thank you for taking the time to consider our program. For a more in-depth look at what we do, please visit our website at


This is a large vision with large goals, and we are confident the rewards to our community will be limitless.



CEO, Kids Steps to Success


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